Wanna Fanta?

No thank you ma’am, I do not.  Some flavors are better left alone.  Especially Pina Colada Fanta!  I have fond memories drinking one of these wine coolers as a kid playing in my friend’s kiddy pool with some action figures.  Yes, back in the day when everything was not so politically correct, and kids could ride their bikes around the neighborhoods by themselves.  I also remember drinking a virgin Pina Colada on the Ferry ride at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas when I proposed to my wife.  I guess I got it kind of backwards with the alcoholic one as a kid and the virgin as an adult.  You would have to be drunk though to “Wanna Fanta” with this soda.

What does it taste like?  Absolutely nothing!  The closest flavor I can use to describe this beverage is Alka Seltzer.  You literally cannot tell what they are going for and then the carbonation hits your taste buds.  Now I have an entire two liter and do not know what to do with it.  A normal person might simply just throw it away, but I am cheap and spent $2.00 on this.  So, what would a dad of three boys do with this dilemma?

Science experiment time!  I am not talking about making something with it.  Making stuff is a mom thing. “To infinity and beyond” with this newly acquired rocket it is.  I wonder if Mentos works with all soda or just diet Coke?  Now all the moms who have read this are about to move on but the dads…your about to Google the Mentos with other soda thing.  Am I right?

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