Whether Mortal Kombat does it “for the Lin Kuei,” or just wants you to “get over here,” it has tested its’ might with fans and split the bricks down the middle.  Just like in the game franchise, you are either team Scorpion or team Sub-zero.  Fans either hate this movie or love this movie.  I enjoyed it enough to show it to my three boys.

My kids of seven, four and twenty-one months have all grown up watching me play Mortal Kombat.  I do draw the line at Grand Theft Auto but for the most part I expose my kids to this kind of stuff because I played it as a kid and so far, I have not ripped anyone’s spine out or pulled their heart out of their chest, so doing pretty good.  I was worried about the R rating/ border line NC-17.  I got up early on Saturday and watched the first half and then woke up at 3 a.m. Monday, before work, and watched the last half just to make sure it was not too bad.  It does not do any worse than the game.  It is less gruesome except for Kung Lao’s fatality in the movie.  Obviously if you have boys, you know what is happening to daddy after the movie.

After the beat down my three champions gave me in the playroom after the film, I had a chance to reflect on what their memories will be of this new re-boot.  When Scorpion made his intro near the end fight scene my four-year-old lost his shit!  “Get over here!”  With all that high pitch screaming I could of mistake him for Sindel.  A flawless victory in my house.  I highly recommend this to any Mortal Kombat fan. 

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