Imagine telling such an epic tale that you get an international holiday named after your creation.  Author J.K. Rowling, from living in her car, to guiding children of all ages and cultures into enjoying literary works of fiction again, imagined the unimaginable.  She opened kids’ hearts to the inside cover of books filled with magic and meaningful story telling.  May second is officially international “Harry Potter Day.”  I have not read a single page of Harry Potter, but no need in my house as I live it every day.

Multiple copies of every Harry Potter book, movies, t-shirts, socks, hair clips, coffee cups, phone cases, wands, shower curtains, birthday parties and cookbooks.  My wife has it all.  She grew up on the tales of Harry, Hermione, and Ron.  I still remember when my seven-year-old seen the last film where the chosen one is supposedly dead.  He was so sad.  His heart was so invested in the characters that for it to end that way gave him a real since of loss.  When the “boy who lived” leapt out of Hagrid’s sorrowful embrace to challenge the “dark lord” he bounded from the comfort of our couch in a burst of excitement screaming “I knew it, I knew he wasn’t dead!”  That is exactly where I want to be as a writer.  Not to bring the adventure to the reader but rather carry the audience into the hearts of the characters.

Everyone has a favorite that they personally identify with.  Each house possesses different core traits.  Within our home, I believe we consist of all the original masters of magic.  My wife Gryffindor for her helping others, twenty-one-month Ravenclaw for his wit, four-year-old Hufflepuff for his loyalty, and seven-year-old Slytherin for his ambition.  The ambitious one is the most concerning.  Patience, a trait of Hufflepuff, is my best defense against the dark arts taking this one from me.  It has long been plaguing my thoughts that this one will need me the most and when the time comes that he truly needs me it will cost me dearly, possibly my life or worse. 

What is your family dynamic in terms of Hogwarts house affiliation?  Leave them in the comments below.

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