Only Kids Deal in Absolutes

Three boys and no Star Wars kids!  I do not think my kids would last long if Anakin Skywalker were their father.  I try time and time again to get them interested by skipping to only the light saber duels but to no avail.  My seven-year-old once told me he hates Star Wars.  Well buddy, Steve from Minecraft cannot force choke anybody or use force lightning, so I am not too impressed there either. 

Inside Wal-Mart last weekend getting toys and my oldest got a red, Darth Vader light saber.  He then decided to put it back so he could use the money instead to get more DLC for Minecraft.  I told him to get the sword, but he is obviously a Sith and deals only in absolutes.  I got it instead for myself because the Sith Lord’s weapon is very special to me.  He did not understand what I meant until later that night.

Later that night I showed him a video on my Facebook of his recently deceased dog Cara.  His very first pet.  It was a happy video in first person view of me calling her “c’mon girl.”  As she ran up to me with a cheesy dog grin on her face, in the bottom right of the screen you see me pull out a red-light saber and turn it on with the sound and everything.  She freaked out and took off faster than a Jawa with an Imperial droid!  Now he knew that Vader’s force instrument was not just a plaything but held sentimental value for me now. 

Rest in peace Cara and May the 4th be with you.

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