Magical Beans and The Black Pearl

What does vomit taste like?  Like vomit!  Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans literally are every flavor.  My wife and I were about to have a long overdue date without the kids, and I thought it would be a nice treat to share a pack of these magical jellybeans we bought last time we went to the Strand in Galveston, TX.  Flavors include watermelon, cherry, green apple, earwax, rotten egg, and vomit just to name a few.  We knew it could end up bad, so we bought a drink and some snacks from the gas station.  The horrible taste forced me to be a real “Macho Man” because I had to snap into a Slim Jim just to get the taste out of my mouth.  The candy was not the only magical experience.

The Strand has some amazing art galleries in some of the local shops.  Art is expensive and we would never buy anything worth a lot.  Our kids cannot even make it home from Dollar Tree with a toy still together much less have an expensive piece of artwork in our home.  A hand made bronze head statue of Medusa was priced at $6,000!  Another shop had random books that were eighty years old and still in good condition for that age.  All that walking made us hungry, so we tried to find a restaurant that we have never been to before.

Aye, the Black Pearl.  All but cursed, delicious food and attentive staff.  Set up like an old school diner on the corner, they serve all kinds of seafood platters.  The fried alligator was tender and the jalapeno, shrimp poppers were huge.  I honestly just wanted to be able to tell my kids I ate an alligator.  Even though they love seeing gators at the zoo, they would rather eat candy.  Do not worry kiddos, daddy saved some treats for you all. 

Four-year-old tries vomit flavor, no problem.  Earthworm next, pretty good.  Draws the line at back pepper, really?!  So, he tries dirt and spits it out but its okay because we have soap to counter act that one.  The seven-year-old at least earned four dollars because he was bold enough to accept the challenge and try rotten egg.  Poor boy could not spit it out though because it got stuck in his teeth.  He will survive.  Speaking of surviving, I am giving a big thank you to our friend for watching our kids and allowing my wife and I to get to know each other again after devoting a 100% of our time to our children every day. 

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