Ketchup King

I was bleeding out everywhere all for five dollars.  “Ask for lots of extra ketchup,” he said.  Second chances in life are not guaranteed and neither are tips.  Luckily my second opportunity to deliver to “The Ketchup King” drenched his meal in crimson condiment rather than my shirt in red blood.

Weeks ago I delivered food to a gentleman who through Door Dash requested extra ketchup.  I was in such a rush that I hurried to his location to get there in a timely manner.  As I arrived, I did not feel assured that the address was correct as it was a game room.  Was I at the wrong place?  As I walked to the door the app gave me goosebumps on my arms as I heard it say “Leave at the door.  Customer requests lots of extra ketchup.”

The door opens and a guy with a thick stack of five dollar bills reaches for the bag of hot food while simultaneously handing me an extra five dollar cash tip on top of the three dollar or so I was given on the Dash app.  A generous tipper and obviously no stranger to money.  Unfortunately that night upon unboxing his dinner ketchup would become a stranger to him.  I forgot about the ketchup!

My shift was over and I hurried home before I came up missing also.  I kept thinking about it all night.  He ordered from a Mexican restaurant so why did he need ketchup?  I couldn’t remember what he purchased.  I could go buy a cheap bottle from the store using the cash and bring it back to him?  What if I got him again as a customer, would he remember?  The odds of that happening anytime soon were probably low.

My luck seems to be very low as well.  Weeks later the same scenario plays out.  It is close to the end of my block, so I decided to take one last order because the travel was easy and the pick up destination is my family’s favorite restaurant Las Flores.  I confirm the pick up and take a glance at the delivery point.  It looks oddly familiar.  I read the notes and it states “lots of extra ketchup.”  Again it is a Mexican restaurant and ketchup never crossed my mind.  My kids are the only ones I know that require ketchup there because they get chicken strips.  Thinking of chicken brings me to my delivery dilemma.

I walked back inside and kindly asked the young lady for some extra ketchup for my customer.  She was just as confused as they mainly sell Mexican food.  Briefly explaining that I would rather not get shot over sauce made her laugh.  I’ve always enjoyed making jokes at my job and needed to end this night with a happy client.

He got his food with enough packets to turn whatever he ordered into a ketchup casserole if he so desired.  I received the extra five dollars legitimately this time.  I think I already know what I am going to spend it on too.  Grocery prices are rising rapidly and basic ingredients are being cut from household budgets, but not this time.  This tip is for ketchup!  Thank you Ketchup King.

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