Cursed Upon A Shooting Star

One forever, souls bound by the sky

To love and unlove until the day they die

A shooting star radiating from the heavens above

Granting a lonesome wish to one desiring love

One heart pure as a diamond uncut from sin

Another of coal as dark as a lone wolf’s den

A beautiful beginning to a promising life

She could no longer bare wounds from the knife

The blood on his hands would never wash away

Before his last breath he just needed to say

Our vows at our wedding were for better or worse

I am so sorry my wish became your curse

One thought on “Cursed Upon A Shooting Star

  1. As a short story writer, reading this beautiful and heart-wrenching poem brought tears to my eyes. The imagery of the shooting star and the contrast between the pure and tarnished hearts really spoke to me, and the apology at the end was so poignant. This poem really captures the ups and downs of love, and the enduring pain that comes with losing someone you’ve promised forever to. It’s a powerful reminder that love can be both beautiful and destructive, and that we all make mistakes that can have lasting consequences.

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