Ben Askren vs Jake Paul


I am so disappointed with the result of this fight! Basically it was “Dad Bod” vs “Young Buck.” I was really looking forward to Jake Paul getting his mouth shut by a guy who has been there and done that. Arrogance is not something I appreciate but I do understand Jake needs to build hype in order to cash in. I am glad that I did not pay for this fight though or I would have been ready to knock out Ben Askren myself.

Did Ben even throw a punch? I honestly cannot remember. I watched the fight the morning after and Askren was basically “tucking me back in bed” with his “I just woke up” fighting style. The fight ended in the first round, just in time for “Funky” Ben Askren to get home by his bedtime. I do think the referee called the match early after he got hit with the straight right but it was probably in the fighters’ best interest. Unfortunately I don’t think daddy’s going to have it as easy with his wife as he is probably the one driving home after getting dropped in the first round.

What did I learn from this fight? MMA and boxing are two different worlds. We saw a veteran of wrestling and mixed martial arts look like it was his first day on the job, which it was for boxing. Jake Paul has been training hard for boxing and even though he has little experience, his training has paid off so far. I did gain a little respect for Paul after this bout as he did not rub it in the face of his opponent. His bodyguard passed away 10 days before the contest and he did his best to hold himself together.

What’s next for these fighters? Askren was already retired and obviously will go back to coaching wrestling. My suggestion would be to get a deal for “My Buddy” like the old Mr. T and Hulk Hogan dolls that were pillows and you could bet them up. After his last two quick losses, everyone is going to be treating him like Spider Rico from the Rocky series. Paul on the other hand is going forward, not backwards. He has not fought any professional boxers yet and I do not see that happening until his record is a little higher. So basketball player, MMA fighter, and my guess is professional wrestler next. Stayed tuned because I am sure Jake Paul will be making his challenge very public.

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