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The Light Of The Ocean

Follow OnceUponADadTime on Facebook One Of A Kind describes you just fine,    Your very nature is to be kind. You lift others up when they’re feeling down,    Teaching others to fish rather than sitting around. Your heart is so big that it rests on your shoulders,    With burdens of others as heavy as boulders. YourContinue reading “The Light Of The Ocean”

Return of the Ketchup King

Three hundred million volts of electricity lit up the Alvin sky as I struggled to push open my van door against the gust of wind.  A storm was imminent and the order was already late.  Service at Kelly’s was quick and courteous unlike the Mindflayer esk clouds looming above me.  As I secured the deliveryContinue reading “Return of the Ketchup King”

Ketchup King

I was bleeding out everywhere all for five dollars.  “Ask for lots of extra ketchup,” he said.  Second chances in life are not guaranteed and neither are tips.  Luckily my second opportunity to deliver to “The Ketchup King” drenched his meal in crimson condiment rather than my shirt in red blood. Weeks ago I deliveredContinue reading “Ketchup King”

Amazon Flex First Day

I almost threw forty packages into the port!  My first day working Amazon Flex was a disaster and luckily I made it through the block without a total breakdown.  My wife and I agreed the day before to sign up for an early bird block to see if it could bring in more cash thanContinue reading “Amazon Flex First Day”

Alvin Museum

Field trips don’t have to be far or expensive.  Sometimes learning about the town you live in can be more satisfying than examining ancient artifacts from a civilization that you do not relate to.  After getting more involved with my children’s homeschool, local history has not only worked its way into my kids curriculum butContinue reading “Alvin Museum”

Newman’s Castle

If you build it, he will come.  So, let’s build a castle?  It seems to have worked for Mr. Newman as now I find myself touring his unorthodox home with a group of homeschoolers on an out-of-town field trip.  I’ve always wanted to explore a real-life castle hoping to one day go to Ireland butContinue reading “Newman’s Castle”


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