The Last Weltzbarker

The night was dark, and the wind blew at an unforgiving negative thirty degrees Fahrenheit.  Icicles formed over his cheeks where the tears of loneliness fell from his blood covered face.  His body was not cold, as it was covered in the warm blood of his fellow comrade who gave his life by falling ontoContinue reading “The Last Weltzbarker”

Army of the Dead

(non-spoiler) Zombie tiger, Bautista, and the “City That Never Dies!”  Released on May 21, 2021 on Netflix of all places, Army of the Dead looks entertaining and creative.  Bautista was dominating in WWE but left the company for the same reasons I quit watching the product, it felt weak and lacked attitude.  I have becomeContinue reading “Army of the Dead”

The Broken Sunflower

There once was a sunflower whose hue was so bright, its petals could pierce even the darkest of night. Standing five foot six it would reach for the sky, every day it would stretch another foot high. Through the summer drought and winter snow, no matter the weather it continued to grow. In a gardenContinue reading “The Broken Sunflower”


Imagine telling such an epic tale that you get an international holiday named after your creation.  Author J.K. Rowling, from living in her car, to guiding children of all ages and cultures into enjoying literary works of fiction again, imagined the unimaginable.  She opened kids’ hearts to the inside cover of books filled with magicContinue reading “YOU’RE A HOLIDAY HARRY!”


(non-spoiler) Whether Mortal Kombat does it “for the Lin Kuei,” or just wants you to “get over here,” it has tested its’ might with fans and split the bricks down the middle.  Just like in the game franchise, you are either team Scorpion or team Sub-zero.  Fans either hate this movie or love this movie. Continue reading “MK 2021: TEST YOUR MIGHT”

Wanna Fanta?

No thank you ma’am, I do not.  Some flavors are better left alone.  Especially Pina Colada Fanta!  I have fond memories drinking one of these wine coolers as a kid playing in my friend’s kiddy pool with some action figures.  Yes, back in the day when everything was not so politically correct, and kids couldContinue reading “Wanna Fanta?”

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